TimeLess Activities:

A Year in Bonn

In every season Bonn invites you to celebrate and enjoy life!

Springtime: In the first months of the year, Carnival attracts people of all ages to dress up and participate in one of the many parades in Bonn, Cologne and its surroundings! Shortly after, in April, DHL hosts a marathon and in the Old City Part the Cherry blossoms appear – a spectacle for which our lovely Bonn is now world-famous.

Also worth a visit is Bonn in the summer: there are concerts and events everywhere, the „Seven Mountains“ as well as the bycicle track next to the river encourages guests to do bicicly tours or to hike

– and one of the world’s best ice cream parlors treats you with a great reward!

When the days get shorter and the nights longer in autumn, Bonn offers you multiple choices for your evenings:

In early September, the fair „Pützchens Markt“ attracts around one million guests and in the weeks after that all kinds of classical and modern music fans celebrate „Beethovenfest“.

And then the winter: A wonderful Christmas time! The fantastic Christmas market spreads throughout the city centre. Scents, music and greatly decorated market stalls attracts around one million visitors annually.


Do not miss our special rates for these or other big events! 

The cherries blossom again!

Just in time for the start of spring season, the cherries have just blossomed! This internationally famous spectacle is unique in Bonn and only lasts around 10 days every year... So make sure to get your camera ready and catch a glimpse of this beautiful sight!

Balloon festival

From 7th June to 10th June the balloon festival will take place at the "Rheinaue". Come and get impressed by a sky full of balloon.

Museum Mile

April, April - surprises at will! While the weather has not quite arrived in warmer temperatures, we offer you some great alternatives to spend your time here: Why not get yourself a bit of culture? Bonn is famous for its sensational "Museum mile". 

...and when talking about museums...

Starting 22.03. until 14.07., Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany is presenting the famous exhibition  "Michael Jackson: On the Wall". Now, at the latest, even the biggest couchpotato should be intrigued...

The summer is coming...

Kunstrasen 2019

The same procedure as every year: musical artists – from Newcomers to insiders to world famous singers – are going in and out constantly: Sting, The Scorpions and Tears For Fears as well as German Artists like Nena or Max Giesinger.